Thursday, November 20, 2014


November 20, 2014

Skins: Oven roasted chicken crackling, salt pepper lemon - 2+

J's comment > excellent crispy chicken skin; loved the salt and pepper lemon drizzle on top; a real shame that it's not on the menu; this was actually on the house as the kabocha dumpling was undercooked and had to be sent back (scroll all the way to the bottom)

Beef Tongue w winter melon, yellow curry vinaigrette, beef floss - 2

J's comment > beef tongue tender; winter melon refreshing and crisp; the curry vinaigrette was too tangy though and didn't really work; needed a lot more beef floss as it just melted into the curry

Salt and Pepper Humboldt Squid w Sichuan pepper, chill, allumi - 2

J's comment > squid OK, slightest trace of fishiness but texture good; all accompaniments were just for decor though, none of them added anything to the dish whatsoever 

BBQ Pork Tart : Maple glazed cha siu, persimmon, pear - 2

J's comment > very similar flavor to the dim sum version of the baked bbq pork tarts; crisp and flaky pastry; charsiu a touch dry though; didn't get the distinct persimmon or pear flavors although there was a hint of sweetness

Pork Belly w taro, fermented red tofu, lime - 2

J's comment > what a disappointment... most definitely not the same pork belly we were expecting (see previous posts below); pork not as juicy, although not dry either; taro was OK, but nowhere near the same caliber as the previous pork belly

Potato Vermicelli w oyster mushrooms, cilantro sauce vierge - 2

J's comment > noodles OK, slightly too much vinegar

Ling Cod served in the “Tang Cu’ sweet and sour style - 2

J's comment > fish cooked well; the sauce wasn't strong at all despite appearances

Smoked Duck Yuba Rolls w tea infused plum sauce, sesame crackers, Chinese dates - 2

J's comment > crisp yuba wrap, didn't get the smokiness at all from the duck; duck cooked OK, not too chewy

Two Way Eggplant w sesame, seasonal veg, crispy rice noodles - 2

J's comment > eggplant cooked through and soft; flavors passable

Braised Leg of Duck w Savoy cabbage, oyster sauce, shitake - 2

J's comment > duck cooked well, but very one dimensional; would have liked more cabbage; exact same flavors as the dish served in chinese restos

Crisp Oysters: House maggi glaze, egg crepe - 2

J's comment > good crisp but oyster a tad fishy and too salty

Red Prawn Dumplings w galangal, squid ink emulsion, salted egg yolk - 1

J's comment > shrimp fishy and slightly mushy; wrapper also mushy; didn't get any of the advertised flavor other than the fishy shrimp

Kabocha Squash w matcha puffed rice, nori peanuts, seaweed - 1

J's comment > wrapper was undercooked and had a funny taste to it; filling was entirely squash, didn't get the puffed rice or seaweed at all; we sent this back and got a refire below

Round 2

J's comment > wrapper thoroughly cooked this time, but everything else stayed the same, including the funny taste in the wrapper

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Extra Comment
Wow... No idea what happened here, but the entire menu is different from last year's, in a really bad way. It used to be so much better!! And is it just me or do ALL the plates look exactly the same?! Same ol' tired parsley silly topping on every dish. What a shame, Bambudda used to be good.

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