Wednesday, November 05, 2014


November 5, 2014

Bison Gravy Poutine: Crispy fries, squeaky cheese, and smothered in bison gravy - 2

Chorizo Dog: Grilled wine chorizo, caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, grainy Dijon and corn relish - 2

J's comment > poutine not bad; fries crisp as advertised, but got soggy real quick once it touched gravy - I'd ask for gravy on the side next time; decent amt of cheese curds but could have used even more;

chorizo was slightly spicy, texture firm; your avg hot dog bun

Smoked Rabbit Pot Pie: House smoked rabbit with a creamy parsnip and apple filling, covered by flaky pastry - 2

J's comment > pastry on top flaky but not crisp; rabbit tasted like chicken, quite a generous amt provided though; dish was really hot throughout the entire meal;

goat cheese salad decent, veggies fresh and not sad and wilted as expected from a bar, but could have used more corn bits and such

Maple bacon cheesecake - 2

J's comment > cheesecake creamy but flavor was completely maple, which whilst OK, I personally would have liked a bit of cheese flavor in my cheesecake; crust at the bottom not crisp at all; bacon was also chewy, texture reminiscent of granola actually, didn't taste like bacon at all

Kronenbourg 1664 Lager - 2

J's comment > very easy to drink; not hoppy at all


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