Thursday, November 13, 2014

Devil's Elbow Ale Smoke House

November 13, 2014

Brisket Sandwich: Smoked braised beef brisket in a honey BBQ sauce, fried onion, arugula, Dijon, horse radish mayo - 2+

Yukon fries w smoked creole mayo dip - 2

J's comment > really tender beef brisket, well marbled, non-dry, excellent flavor - not overwhelmingly drowned in the BBQ sauce; you can actually taste the honey in the BBQ sauce as well; bread reminiscent of the one at Meat and Bread (same supplier perhaps?); onions crisp as hoped, and stayed crisp after sandwiching w the brisket!

Fries ok, didn't get the crisp exterior that I like but definitely freshly made; a touch spicy though, good pairing w the mayo

Deep fried cheesecake: Pumpkin cheesecake, phyllo pastry - 2

J's comment > not bad; loved the crisp on the phyllo; excellent balanced flavor of both the pumpkin and the cheese (ricotta I believe); sadly, it really needs the ice cream it's supposed to come with as it was a touch dry (the ice cream machine broke down so no ice cream on my order :( )

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Extra Comment
It was fun to see the old Chambar in a different light. Definitely the best BBQ joint in town on just the beef brisket. Will definitely come back with more peeps to sample more of the menu to affirm that statement. Welcome to the neighborhood DB. Please stay awesome.

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