Sunday, November 23, 2014


November 23, 2014

#4 Saeng Galbi: Prime beef ribs (non-marinated) - 1

J's comment > beef bland; yes, it indicates that it's non-marinated, but to not even taste 'beefy'?! Also, you have to order at least two BBQ items to get the DIY grill yourself so as we only ordered one BBQ item, this arrived on the sizzling plate... needless to say the beef pieces we ate later became overcooked as we didn't inhale our food right away

#52 Ggorigom Tang: Slow simmered ox tail and bone marrow broth w noodles & briskets - 1

J's comment > another bland dish... OK, so the beef above at least indicated that it was non-marinated, but this? Soup was bland, meat was bland; could have also used a lot more noodles

#70: Ja jyang myeon: Noodles w vegetables in black bean sauce - 1

J's comment > finally, a dish that wasn't too bland, not too flavorful really, but compared to the previous two, this was already a step up... until you bite into the noodles and you get a mouthful of mush; for a much better ja jyang myeon, go to Book Kyung Ban Jeom on Robson

Side dishes that came w the Saeng Galbi

J's comment > OK, one last time; side soup was like colored water; coleslaw couldn't be any more boring; even the dip for the beef slices just didn't cut it


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