Sunday, November 16, 2014

In-N-Out Burger on 7009 Sunset

November 16, 2014

Fries - 2

J's comment > slightly dry & avg fries; I know all fast food chains get their fries out of the bag, but these in particular were more obvious than other chains; fresh though

Animal Style Fries - 2

J's comment > same fries as above but w cheese, bacon bits & 'special sauce'; the cheese and the sauce made the fries more moist, but still wasn't as impressive as all the hype about the 'Animal Style' is made out to be

Animal Style Burger - 2

J's comment > as w the fires above, same additions to an otherwise plain cheeseburger; just as boring as the regular cheeseburger (below); call me crazy, but shouldn't the patty be I don't know, just a bit more? You can't even see it in this picture, that''s how thin the patty was

Cheeseburger - 2

J's comment > needs more patty!

Lemonade - 2

J's comment > decent balance of sourness and sweet

Pink lemonade - 2

J's comment > sweeter than the regular option

Extra Comment
Local burger to local burger, YVR's Vera's takes this one even if it doesn't look as pretty.

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