Friday, November 07, 2014

Keg Steakhouse on Alberni

November 7, 2014

Prime Rib: Aged, rubbed w house made blend of spices and slow roased, hand-carved & served w horseradish & red wine herb jus (10oz) - 2

J's comment > not bad; gristle excellent w a decent amt provided as requested; flavor of beef could be stronger though, even though the herb crust was too salty on its own; strangely, although the jus was OK, definite hints of the red wine, it still didn't provide the 'oomph' the prime rib needs

Baseball top sirloin - 2

J's comment > as before, not bad, but prime rib reigns; flavor good and perfectly cooked to medium rare as requested, but I thought could have used a touch of sauce; I maintain that the best steak (rib eye for me all the way) in town is @ Pourhouse

Complimentary sourdough & 'butter' - 2

J's comment > sourdough soft but spongy, crust chewy; 'butter' is actually only 5% real butter and the rest is a mix of margarine and soy something or the other - I asked and our server confirmed same - needless to say, any version other than 100% butter will not rank higher than a dead average


View from Georgia St.
FYI, this is the lounge area, the actual restaurant right across on the left, facing Alberni (not shown)

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