Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kita no Donburi

November 12, 2014

Ichou Tei-shoku (part 1 of 2): Appetizer sashimi, 3 aburi nigiri as saba, salmon, toro - 2

J's comment > fish surprisingly not fishy, but still avg

Ichou Tei-shoku (part 2 of 2): Individual gyu-yako don (half beef, half chicken) - 2

J's comment > passable beef, chicken dry, egg forgettable; again, needs a lot more meat

Buta Chubby Don: Chewy chubby pork chopped grilled w variety of vegies in upgrade yakiniku sauce

J's comment > pork was dry and had way too much veggies to pork ratio; should gave been called 'veggie don with a few pieces of pork'; BTW, didn't taste the yakiniku sauce at all, never mind if it was actually 'upgraded' or 'regular'

Complimentary miso soup - 2

J's comment > watered down and straight from the packet

Hambaga Don: Special house made beef patty, hot steamed sunny side up egg - 1

J's comment > what a joke, meat was mushy and served cold! I complained and the server took it back to microwave!! I could tell because the bit of egg that I had nibbled off was exactly as I had left it when I gave the bowl back to the server; after bringing the bowl back the meat was still mushy although slightly warmer (see below)

The microwaved round 2


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