Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kung Fu Noodle

November 26, 2014

KungFu Dandan Mein - 2+

J's comment > even better than last visit's! hand sliced noodles cooked perfectly w a bouncy texture; not spicy at all; lots of pb sauce w just enough meat; not too salty either

Five spiced beef - 2

J's comment > served cold; not too dry, but would have liked some form of sauce at least; perhaps you're to drown it in the noodle dish you get for the sauce?

Spiced Egg (AKA tea egg) - 2

J's comment > decent tea egg flavor; egg completely cooked through and more than 'well done' as it's supposed to be

KungFu noodle w meat sauce - 1

J's comment > meat sauce incredibly salty, completely inedible; noodles on the other hand/side was absolutely bland; you'd think mixing everything together should solve this problem right? nope! you miraculously taste both the blandness of the noodles and the saltiness of the meat sauce

Red-cooked chicken - 1

J's comment > very salty and served cold; meat slightly tough and chewy


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