Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Menchie's on Cambie

November 18, 2014

Creamy peanut butter, original greek w cheesecake bites, peanuts, cookie dough, maraschino cherry & a waffle stick - 2

J's comment > peanut butter was creamy w very strong pb flavor, just the way I like it; original greek is best on its own, no additions, as the flavor is so subtle that any additions just overwhelms the greek yogurt flavor; cheesecake bites were of the supermarket cheesecake variety; cookie dough was really like raw dough, didn't get much of the cookie; cherries were exactly what you'd expect; waffle stick was crisp, and highly recommended for the crunch factor

Sample mania
(ranked in descending order of preference, not according to the picture above)

Creamy Peanut Butter
Original Greek
Exotic Chai Tea Latte
Honeydew melon sorbet
Red Velvet Cupcake
Cinna-yumm bun

J's comment > since I've covered the first two above, I'll just move onto the last four; chai tea was on the mild side, flavor present but not too strong; honeydew had a strong flavor presence and was like frozen actual honeydew; red velvet was surprisingly chocolaty as it is supposed to be; cinna-yumm was very cinnamony, not exactly a fan of same

Interior Shot

Close up of where the action takes place

Holla to Hollywood! heehee.

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