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November 6, 2014

Brief note from J
Thanks to Karen & the Nomad team who invited me over to their grand opening celebration. Congratulations Nomad!

Lots of canapes were served, but no word yet on if they will make an appearance later on in the final menu. For now Nomad has a temporary menu as they try and gauge what their customers prefer and will adjust their offered dishes accordingly.

Complimentary canapes - Good intentions but all had one or two aspects that I wasn't entirely fond of, so these were unfortunately just 2's for me

Salmon ceviche on nori tempura

J's comment > Salmon was very fresh, didn't quite get the lime/lemon component that makes a ceviche, but flavor was good; nori tempura was really hard though, though I suspect it was done so as to offset the moistness of the salmon ceviche on top

Gremolata beef short rib

J's comment > Tender beef short rib but on the dry side; the gremolata didn't help either. As with the salmon ceviche, the base was also harder than necessary

House made spam

J's comment > The healthy version of the canned stuff - definitely less salty and less fatty than the canned version

Vegetable Pakora

J's comment > Batter slightly soft, could be a lot crisper and again dry... could use more curry/sauce

Dishes ordered off of the temporary menu

Sunchoke and wild mushroom soup w tarragon, beet essence - 2

J's comment > slightly saltier than I'd prefer but very strong mushroom and sunchoke flavors as advertised; didn't get the beet though

Mushroom Arancini w bacon sabayon - 2

J's comment > strong mushroom flavor, crisp exterior, and a better than avg arancini, but 
Roaming Dragon's still my fav; loved the crisped bacon, even the fat was crisp! :D slightly sweet; sabayon aspect sounded great in theory, but didn't taste it

Potato and cheddar pierogi w crispy fried onions, dill creme fraiche - 2

J's comment > Very crisp pierogis, not your avg type; slightly airy too on the inside; very unsual, in a good way; only complaint is that it was (again), slightly dry

Complimentary dessert canapes - All solid 2+'s

Coconut semifreddo

J's comment > Loved the bits of coconut crunch in the semifreddo, very well done, my personal fav dish of the night

Coconut chocolate truffle

J's comment > Divine... really creamy and rich, exactly the way I like my chocolate

House made Aero chocolate

J's comment > Much much better than its namesake. An airier texture and with stronger chocolate flavor than the original

Complimentary drinks

Sapa Inca: Pisco, orange juice, lemon/lime, rosemary orange sherbet, black pepper and chili tincture, egg white - 2

J's comment > not bad; as egg white drinks go (I really dislike the taste of egg white), the flavor of the egg white was much subtler than in other drinks I've had in the past; strong kick from the pepper and chili which worked quite well actually; in a nutshell, a very citrusy flavor cocktail w a foamy texture on top that just works

Femme Fatale: Lavender vodka, fresh lemon, ginger syrup, essence of rose, sparkling wine - 2

J's comment > strong lavender and lemon flavors; trace rose and ginger flavors; a lovely bubbly

Old Cuban mojito - 2

J's comment > very easy to drink, good balance of the lime and sugar; tasted virgin though

The kitchen team
Co-owners (2 of 4) Ryan and Scott manning the flames with two assistants

Activity in the kitchen

One of the lovely tables @ Nomad, made from locally supplied reclaimed lumber

Shots of the interior (kitchen's at the top)

The bar

Potential for private parties!

In nicer weather, these doors will open up to form a mini patio

The view from up top

House made pickles

Temporary food menu

Drinks menu

Fun Tidbits
- Executive / co-owner Chef Ryan was the winner for season 1, episode 3 of Chopped Canada
- All ingredients are locally sourced, with some micro greens even being grown in-house and even some serious pickling going on (see the shelves above)
- Brunch will be offered soon too, and should have some kid-friendly options

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