Monday, November 03, 2014

Nooru Mahal

November 3, 2014

#113 Beef Kothu Roti: Chopped roti mixed w onions, green chilies, egg and beef curry - 2

J's comment > roti chopped evenly, good chopped up sizes; beef OK, could definitely use more in quantity; the 'curry'/dip was your avg spicy curry; FYI, we asked for medium spicy and it still came out pretty spicy

#10 Masala Calamari: Spiced deep fried squid mixed w green pepper, red pepper, onions and special sauce - 2

J's comment > calamari not smelly as feared, texture firm yet bouncy; sauce good

#44 Lamb Vindaloo Dosa: Thin rice crepe filled w hot spiced ground lamb & potatoes - 2

J's comment > decent amt of ground lamb filling; crepe on the crisp side; coconut chutney (the green dollop) was a good freshening sauce

#70 Chicken Madras: Chicken pieces cooked w South Indian masala in coconut milk - 2

J's comment > chicken pieces tender; curry slightly watery but flavor passable

#20 Seafood Biryani: Fish, shrimp and squid cooked w basmati rice, cashew nut and spices - 2

J's comment > rice fragrant and shrimp and squid decent, but fish was slightly well, fishy, and there were chunks of fish bones still attached to the fish

#104 Puri: Fried puffed bread - 2

J's comment > puri was crisp on the outside with a stretchy centre; definitely the best bread item of the variety offered

#101 Plain Paratha (Roti): Multi-layered soft flakes paratha cooked in hot grill - 2

J's comment > multi-layered as advertised, but nonetheless could be flakier still

#99 Papadum: Sundried paper thin wafers of lentils - 2

J's comment > crisp

#9 Ulunthu Vadai: Deep fried urid dhal (black gram dhal) donuts served w coconut chutney - 2

J's comment > haha... mickey ears... exterior was crisp which was good, but the dough on the inside was slightly firmer than I like

#88 Palak Paneer: Spinach & home-made cheese cooked w spices - 2

J's comment > looks depressing but flavor was passable; didn't get the cheese at all; it was actually a tad watery

#92 Ginger & Garlic Naan: Leavened bread w fresh, chopped garlic and cooked in hot grill - 2

J's comment > didn't get the ginger and garlic at all; tasted exactly like the plain naan below; texture of naan was also slightly firmer than preferred

#91 Plain Naan: Leavened bread cooked in hot grill - 2

J's comment > same comment as above

#147 Sweet Lassi - 2

J's comment > not bad; not too sweet; decent viscosity


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