Monday, November 10, 2014

Octopus Garden

November 10, 2014

Tamago nigiri - 3

J's comment > ... and Sada-san's back in the game! Excellent sushi tonight, much much better than last visit's; tamago was flavorful and oh-so-soft and spongy! Could use a smidgen more rice, but the egg was really spectacular

Bluefin tuna Chu-toro - 2+

J's comment > well marbled fish, very tender, had a smidgen of tendon but not a trace of fishiness

Kagoshima wagyu nigiri - 2+

J's comment > beef extremely tender and flavorful, not as buttery as past experiences, but still pretty darn good

Shiitake mushroom tempura nigiri - 2+

J's comment > perfectly thinly crisped shiitake yet juicy and moist; loved the touch of sauce that just completed this nigiri perfectly

Dobin mushi - 2+

J's comment > even better than last visit's; very mild and light flavored mushroom / fish soup; just the slightest bit too salty but still good

Avocado Maki - 2

J's comment > not bad; the perfect palate cleanser in between some of the richer flavored items, eg. the chutoro and wagyu; creamy and ripe avocado

"Fish and Chips" - 2

J's comment > not bad; excellent tempura fry on both the yam and the halibut; yam was good, very soft; halibut unfortunately dry, as feared from prev halibut fish and chips experiences (hint, always get cod when doing fish and chips); we advised Sada san exactly this when asked what we though and he graciously took this off our bill


Brochure for Kayotei Ryokan
Sada san informed us that his daughter is working here and according to Lonely Planet, one of the best ryokan in Japan!

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