Thursday, November 27, 2014


November 27, 2014

Half of Everything (AKA "The Divorce") - 2
(in descending order of preference)

Beef Brisket
Pork side ribs
Chicken Wings
Chopped Beef / Pulled Pork

J's comment > Beef brisket was not too dry but definitely not the juiciest cut either; same goes for the pork ribs, get the end bit for more marble, not the rib; chicken wings overcooked but smoky; honestly couldn't tell the difference between the chopped beef and pulled pork - other than the slight discoloration diff, both tasted the same, both slightly watery

Four sides and the two corn breads that came with the above
(in alphabetical order, they were all really meh)

Beef Chili: Ground beef and kidney beans w tomatoes, smoked pablano peppers, onions, carrots and celetery stewed in tomato and cream ale
Brunswick Stew: Traditional North Carolina stew w smoked meats w kernel corn & lima beans in house made chicken & tomato stock
Corn bread
Hush Puppies: Deep fried cornbread n' cheese balls served w house made honey bourbon dipping sauce
Potato Salad

J's comment > as per the pulled pork and chopped beef, same goes for the chili and stew here, didn't get the diff; corn bread not too dry, but could definitely be a lot more crumbly and soft; hush puppies essentially the fried corn bread, didn't get the cheese at all; potato salad your avg stuff from Costco


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