Friday, November 28, 2014

Small Victory

November 28, 2014

Braised beef sandwich: Braised beef w pickled caramalized onions, topped w a demi glace jus & Montery Jack cheese, served on a toasted country bread - 2

J's comment > bread really hard, even the center! I literally had to nibble away at this because the bread was so hard it hurt the inside of my mouth cavity if I took a normal bite; beef was not dry though, as promised by the server, decent especially with my less than impressive encounters with braised beef; flavors good, but didn't get the cheese at all; frankly though, the bread was so hard (really can't emphasize this enough) that it was just plain frustrating to eat

Chocolate tart - 2

J's comment > hard crust, just like the bread, except flaky so this helped a bit as a saving grace; 'hard' must be the theme of this place here; unusual factor of this tart base (and the subsequent two) is that the base of the tart is about 1/3 of the entire tart; so you get a lot of pastry tart shell to filling; this was fine with the chocolate combo, since chocolate is equally heavy, so the ratio was OK

Earl Grey Tart - 2

J's comment > continued from above, the texture of the 'earl grey' was in the form of a custard, like a banana custard in a banana cream pie, except the flavor was purely earl grey; banana pieces were OK on top, but not really convinced that they are the best match with earl grey; again, hard crust...

Creme brulee lemon tart - 2

J's comment > looks can be deceiving... the expected sugar bruleed topping as is the signature of creme brulee on top was not crisp at all, not even a little; it was just slightly colored lemon custard on top; lemon custard was decent, slightly tart but texture of custard slightly softer than preferred; with the (yes, one more time) hard tart pastry shell though, it was just annoying to eat, as the fork sinks in so easily at the top, but then stops midway and I kid you not, you have to see-saw the fork to get through to the bottom of the crust - watch out for flying bits of crust

Maple walnut scone + clotted cream + blueberry & honey jam - 2

J's comment > OK, thankfully the scone wasn't as hard as either the bread or tart shells above, and was a most passable scone, slightly crumbly but not as much as I like my scones, not too dry; definitely got the walnuts, but maple? not so much; I've also never had clotted cream and jam slathered on top of my scone for me before so this was different, but even before I dug in, it was obvious that there was not enough cream/jam to scone, and I was right after my first bite;

For $6.50 the scone doesn't even come with a side of more cream or jam in case Gosh forbid you need more! So back to the counter I went to ask for more cream and got roughly 1 tablespoon amt. WTF...

BTW, didn't get the honey flavor at all either, just blueberry

A pretty plating - all squashed together...


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Extra Comment
According to SV's facebook feed, they are still in the midst of a soft opening and their 'full menu' and 8 to 8 operating hours will start Dec 1.

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