Friday, November 14, 2014

Stocking Frame

November 14, 2014

Bucatini, blue crab, gulf prawns, smoked chile cream, pickled scallion - 2+

J's comment > seafood fresh, not smelly at all, esp impressed w the decent amt of delicate but very much present crab flavor as advertised; touch too salty but flavors good

Octopus & pork belly tacos a la plancha, smoked bbq sauce, sour cream- 2

J's comment > not bad; apparently one of the signature dishes here but although the flavors were good and the proteins were cooked well, it was saltier than I like

Roasted eggplant rolls with blossom honey, cow’s cheese, fresh mint pesto - 2

J's comment > not bad; loved the subtle yet very present honey on the eggplant; cheese OK, but too much in quantity to the eggplant

Fire grilled romaine heart, oven tomatoes, avocado, herb tahini, grana padano - 2

J's comment > can't believe I'm putting a veggie dish relatively high on the ranking list, but I was really taken with the grill flavor on the lettuce; the accompaniments were OK but didn't really add anything to the dish as a whole

Hamachi crudo, steamed mirin rice, yuzu blanco, pickled thai chili - 2

J's comment > AKA hamchi carpaccio but thick cut; flavors OK, but nothing new; fish fresh; mirin and yuzu flavors present but could be stronger

Maple pork belly, smoked egg yolk, house spice rice, hot sauce - 2

J's comment > meat tender; fatty; skin sadly not crisp at all though (personal pet peeve); way too much rice to pork, rice also not as flavorful as hoped for even after mixing the egg yolk in; trace amt of smokiness

Australian wagyu tartare, quinoa pancake, black mustard seed, chervil - 2

J's comment > beef was lean, not marbly at all as expected of a wagyu; quinoa pancake miserably hard and did absolutely nothing for the wagyu if anything, made it worse as the firm texture of the quinoa worked against the softness of the beef

Pumpkin panna cotta, gingerbread crumb, whipped cream - 2+

J's comment > very smooth and creamy w just the right amt of pumpkin flavor, slightly firmer than my ideal panna cotta, this was closer to a firmer mousse, but still very good; touch salty; FYI, this was on the house as we advised the server that a few of the items were salty, funny thing is she promised the dessert wouldn't be salty but there you go

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