Sunday, November 16, 2014


November 16, 2014

Chocolate Lab: Dark Chocolate shell w Nutella cream filling, rice krispies, banana chips and walnuts - 2

J's comment > so the draw here isn't really about the chocolate, but the fact that you can make your own bar! Very cool! You get to pick your casing/shell, a filling, and three inclusions (see below for the on screen process)

As expected, the dark chocolate wasn't too bitter, and was sweet-ish; didn't get the nutella nor banana flavor at all, although you can see it when you bite into the chocolate; crisps maintained a nice crunch; other than that though, your avg supermarket chocolate bar; definitely a gimmick item

The Processing Facility

The Instruction Board

On screen instructions

Quick menu

The ex-Kodax Theatre, now known as the Dolby Theatre

The Chinese Grauman Theatre (FYI, current movies actually play inside)

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