Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant / 德興火鍋酒家

November 11, 2014

Beef Rib Eye - 2

J's comment > not bad; very flavorful, loved the marbling; the subsequent plate however, was more lean meat and looked nothing like this plate, but flavor was still good and texture was almost the same (except leaner)

Lamb - 2

J's comment . not bad; loved the marbling; we got another dish and it looked very similar; a touch gamey though

Pork Jowl - 2

J's comment > looks and cooked great but not much flavor; definitely get the beef and/or lamb over this

Grilled chicken wing - 2

J's comment > lovely flavor but wings unfortunately overcooked

Steamed rice w chinese sausage - 2

J's comment > flavorful rice, esp of the chinese sausage; decent

The following were the more forgettable items I definitely won't order again to save room for the tastier stuff above
Cod fillet
Marinated beef

J's comment > fish actually semi-decent, looks like the defrosted Basa fillet you get from the frozen section of the supermarket but cooked well enough, didn't turn out fishy; same goes for the shrimp and mussels; no idea what was so 'marinated' about the beef, it was plain beef chunk slices and it was just as boring


Grilled sausages

J's comment > straight out of the hot dog packets

Variety of balls

J's comment > didn't try the lamb or pork versions as my dining partner took one bite and spat it out; the shrimp and cuttlefish were flavorless and kinda hard

Assorted tofu

J's comment > wow... never have I had the opportunity to boil my tofu from start to finish and witness the unchanging factor of a tofu's denseness - the tofu cubes arrived hard as a brick and 1 hr later could still do some serious damage if you chuck it at someone

Stir fried beef noodle

J's comment > your avg stir fried noodle, absolutely no beef

Mango & coconut pudding

J's comment > really generous w the gelatin...

Special sauce: raw egg, garlic, soy sauce - 2

J's comment > pretty flavorful, has a strong spicy kick to it though, and definitely very garlicky

Half original & half peanut satay - 2

J's comment > broths a touch subtler and milder than others at other AYCE hot pot places


A la carte Menu

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Extra Comment
FYI, it doesn't really matter what number you mark on the sheet, you're just going to end up with however many/much that the kitchen feels like doling out. eg. for the chicken wing we marked 1 (skewer) and got 2; for the fish, we marked 1 (we presumed piece?) and got like 5 pieces; for the meats, we marked 2, 3, 5 and got one plate for each of the beef, lamb and pork.

Very chaotic, severely understaffed. Service was passable, your avg chinese service. Beware the manager though, she tries really hard to upsell on drinks and sauces (ie the sauce she practically forced down our throats above).

Oh, and the actual condiment / sauce station is all the way up at the front of the restaurant.

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