Thursday, November 06, 2014


November 6, 2014

Chocolate Trio: White, milk & dark chocolate mousse & chocolate sponge - 2+

J's comment > creamy but light; just as good as all previous visits; not too sweet

Ham and Cheese croissant - 2

J's comment > not bad; very cheesy w decent amt of ham; unfornately it wasn't heated enough and the center was still cold; the outside had a good crisp to it though and the croissant was light

Chocolate Eclair: Choux dough + chocolate + pastry cream - 2

J's comment > choux was tougher than I like, but chocolate cream filling yummy; generous amt of chocolate at the bottom of the choux but I thought the choux was already pretty heavy without the additional amt of chocolate to add to it

Macarons: Coconut & lime, lychee, pumpkin pear - 2

J's comment > texture not bad, fluffy w the thinnest edge crisp but still slightly denser than I prefer, would have also preferred more filling; flavors were so-so - the coconut and lime was 95% coconut and if I squint really hard I can get the lime; same goes for the pumpkin pear, it was all pumpkin and no pear; lychee just tasted like an avg sweet macaron, really didn't get the lychee even though there was an actual piece of fruit (I'm guessing a piece of lychee) in the filling


The island of treats

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