Thursday, November 27, 2014

Waffle Bant

November 27, 2014

Waffle w nutella - 2

J's comment > waffle slightly warm, on the soft side but still a bit chewy; despite the generous amt of nutella drizzle, the waffle itself was still too dense to get the right amt of ratio of nutella to waffle

Breakfast waffle w sausage, bacon & egg - 2

J's comment > waffle inconsistent w the one above, this one was even firmer and not as warm; frankly the sides were better albeit on the salty side, ie the sausage and bacon; the meats were actually decent if you don't focus too hard on the saltiness aspect; funny thing is, the waffle being slightly sweet did nothing to offset the saltiness. Hmm... Oh, and the egg yolk was sadly hard so no runny yolk for you yolk lovers (well I wouldn't count on it);

FYI, I subbed the salad that was originally supposed to come with it (haha, surprise), w the bacon & egg (had to pay a bit extra)

Hot Milk Tea (round 1) - 1

J's comment > milk tea powder not even stirred in properly, there were clumps of it floating on top; served lukewarm; I promptly took it back and got round 2 below

Hot Milk Tea (round 2) - 2

J's comment > not too sweet, the powder was properly stirred in this time and was served HOT; much much better than the one above

FYI, the reason that the cups look different is that the server upgraded it to a large on account of the botched up serving the first time around; the staff has the right attitude at least


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Extra Comment
FYI, Waffle Bant is a chain that hails from Korea.

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