Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blue Water Cafe

December 27, 2014

BC Tasting for Two - 2+

Scallop ceviche - 3

J's comment > incredibly well marinated ceviche, firm yet tender scallop flesh w the perfect balance of citrus flavor

Albacore tuna tartare - 2+

J's comment > as w the scallop above, firm and tender tuna flesh, lightly marinated w mirin; loved the crunch of the nori which wasn't soggy in the least

Smoked sockeye salmon terrine - 2+

J's comment > very tender salmon; multi-layers worked well; nuts unnecessary though; needed a little something extra / something else

Lobster w seasonal vegetables, fork crushed potatoes, white wine nage w tarragon - 2+

 J's comment > lovely clarified butter, didn't solidify even after leaving out for 10 mins +; lobster perfectly cooked, firm yet tender 

Dungeness crab and baby shrimps - 2

J's comment > not bad, decent flavors, fresh seafood, but slightly watery

Stamina Roll: Fresh crab, barbecued eel, smoked salmon, sweet soy glaze - 2

Beni Sake (Sockeye salmon) nigiri - 2

Toro (tuna belly) nigiri - 2

J's comment > stamina roll not bad, had generous amt of barbecued eel (unagi), w good balance of the smoked salmon; nigiris not bad; fish were fresh and didn't have a single tendon, vinegar in rice the perfect portion, yet somehow despite being technically perfect, just like last visit's, lacked a certain, 'soul'?

Scallops: Caramelized belgian endives, wild rice griddle cake, candied ginger and citrus butter - 2

J's comment > not bad; perfectly cooked scallops; sauce good on its own, but didn't quite work w the scallops

Complimentary bread & seaweed butter and carrot puree - 2

J's comment > bread could be warmer, seaweed butter had strong seaweed flavor; carrot puree could be creamier

Pomegranate panna cotta: Pear and passion fruit compote, yoghurt gelato w sugar cane molasses - 2

J's comment > not bad; excellent texture on the panna cotta, firm yet light, not heavy at all; flavor slightly tart as expected of the passion fruit advertised; molasses flavor in sugar cane gelato definite but not overwhelming

Mont Blanc: Chestnut cheese cake, poached Okanagan quince, vanilla ice cream - 2

J's comment > slightly more chestnut than cheese in the cake, but not bad; quince and vanilla ice cream OK but as the side to the main, not as good as the panna cotta's gelato above

Complimentary chocolate financier - 2

J's comment > light but not as chocolaty as hoped for


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