Friday, December 26, 2014

Bubble World 大頭仔 in Richmond

December 26, 2014

Sweet Butter Toast - 2+

J's comment > excellent ratio of the sweet butter topping to toast; sweet butter was actually slightly savory too, w a bit of crunch to the topping; bread insanely soft as expected; definitely this Bubble World's signature as advised by our server

Condensed milk toast - 2+

J's comment > another good portion of condensed milk to toast; not too sweet despite the generous amt of condensed milk

Milky Mango Slush - 2

J's comment > not bad; strong mango flavor throughout, even in the icy slush part

Milky Tea - 2

J's comment > not bad; slightly stronger tea flavor than milk, but I like it this way; the pearls that were ordered w this were touch too soft and in the hot tea made it slightly mushy

Old Fashion milk tea - 2

J's comment > FYI, the phrase 'Old Fashion' refers to the type of tea; not sure if the tea maker went a little too happy w the milk here, but this milk tea was way milkier than the 'Milky Tea' above

Tofu Dessert - 2

J's comment > generous amt of soft tofu that didn't disintegrate the moment you touch it w a spoon; not sweet; red beans OK

Milky Sesame - 2

J's comment > strong sesame flavor, w a bit of the sesame nutty texture and decent amt of milk; exactly as advertised

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