Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cham Mani

December 23, 2014

#19 Beef Don: Marinated beef w veggies - 3

J's comment > very tender and flavorful beef; excellent ratio of beef jus to rice, not too soggy/wet nor dry; very generous portion too; definitely best beef don, either Korean or Japanese I've had

Korean style oden - 2

J's comment > decent oden items, your regular fish balls, tofu puffs; light but flavorful soup, but actual oden items firmer than I like (also, huge points deduction for no mochi-kin --> mochi in tofu skin), although that is probably only available in the Japanese version

#1 DukBokGi: Korean rice cake w veggies & spicy stew - 2

J's comment > very spicy! good mochi bounce on the rice cakes, but Taboo's better

#9 Kimbap: Rice roll w pickled radish, crab meat, assorted veggies, fish cake - 2

J's comment > faux crab meat (as expected) but both seafood items were passable despite not being fresh out of the water; an OK roll, but I still think it needs avocado or something more... ; sorry, I still prefer Japanese rolls w real fish


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