Friday, December 12, 2014

Fez Moroccan

December 12, 2014

Trip Dip - 2

Ful Medamess: Fava beans cooked with garlic, fresh tomatoes, and organic olive oil. Spiced with Fez spices and cilantro

Baba ghanoush: Baked organic eggplant, garlic, mint, lemon juice, tahini, and organic olive oil

Hummus: Organic chickpeas cooked with garlic, tahini, fresh coriander, fresh lemon juice, and organic olive oil

J's comment > not bad; decent dips, each w their distinct flavors; loved the garlic punch on the Ful Medamess; eggplant flavor strong in the baba ganoush; hummus OK, but JamJar still has the crown on this one

Kefta Tadjine: Local grass-fed beef, home made meatballs cooked in traditional North African style, made w Fez specialty ras-alhanout, and saffron, topped w fresh parsley and served w basmati veggie rice - 2

J's comment > meatballs OK, flavor good but texture kinda different - it wasn't mushy, but it was like extremely, finely ground beef; saffron flavor not too strong, but still present

Lamb Tadjine: Local grass-fed lamb cooked in traditional North African style, made w Fez specialty spices, w organic prunes and Apricots, saffron topped w fresh parsley and served w basmati veggie rice - 2

J's comment > lamb not too gamey, actually it was almost bland, and meat was on the firm side, most definitely not fall of the bone - I inquired the owner about the texture and he confirmed that the kitchen liked to keep the texture more 'together'; jus / sauce was very tasty though; not enough, but you can ask for more like I did

Baklava: Assorted nuts stuffed in crispy, layered filo, immersed in honey - 2+

Makrood: Semolina softened by butter and stuffed with dates and dipped in pure honey and rosewater - 2

Fresh Maamoule stuffed w dates - 2

J's comment > desserts were really yummy, esp w the coffee below; baklava definitely best in the city, very sweet, borderline saccharine, but exactly the way it should be and the way I like it, texture flaky but dense; both the makrood and maamoule are actually firm crust pastries even though they 'sound' soft

Organic Cardamom Coffee w dried cardamom, saffron, and cinnamon - 2+

J's comment > came w dates! FYI, these are unroasted coffee beans, and definitely don't taste like your avg cup of coffee, but go SOOO well with the desserts above! :D

Complimentary Tuareg tea - 2

J's comment > not bad; on the sweet side; definitely different from the avg western or chinese teas


Story of Fez

Shots of the interior
FYI, the owner advised that all the decor was handmade in the Mediterranean and shipped over just for the store. A very cosy joint.

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