Thursday, December 18, 2014

Floata / 富大海鮮酒家

December 18, 2014

Peking Duck (1st course - skin wrap) - 2

J`s comment > not bad; very crisp skin; very well cut up; good variety of both skin w lots of meat and just skin; wrappers were a bit thick but they didn’t rip - these could also be hotter

The duck, cut up à la table

Floata Crispy Chicken - 2

J`s comment > not bad; flavorful and moist chicken w crisp skin; very crisp shrimp crackers

Pan fried shrimp and scallop w vegetable - 2

J`s comment > not bad; despite being of the defrosted variety, both shrimp and scallops were most passable, not the freshest nor most flavorful, but not fishy either, texture firm

Sweet & sour pork w pineapple - 2

J`s comment > your avg sweet & sour pork flavors, but at least the pork was not too fatty, very meaty pieces

Peking duck (2nd course - lettuce wrap) - 2

J`s comment > your avg lettuce wrap

Braised beef w preserved pickles & enoki in hot pot - 2

J`s comment > salty... but other than that you avg beef slices in a hot pot

Seafood & tofu soup - 2

J`s comment > kinda bland; this was the goopy type of soup too which I
’m not fond of; FYI, another diner at the table tasted detergent in his bowl...

Steamed crab on sticky rice & lotus leaf - 2

J`s comment > crab fresh, but not much flavor; rice was sticky, but no flavor other than detergent

Complimentary red bean soup - 1

J`s comment > texture of the soup was mushy although there were whole beans as well


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Extra Comment
All the dishes, other than the braised beef, were lukewarm, and not as hot as I expected. Really dingy for a fine dining chinese restaurant, and slightly dirty too (we saw fruit flies at our table).

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