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Icy Bar / 利源冰店

December 5, 2014

#F6 Mango Pancake - 2+

#F5: Durian Pancake - 2

J's comment > generous amt of cream and mango / durian; pancake itself a bit on the thin side (thinner than last visit's) but still good; the mango was one solid piece! Very creamy durian, I don't love it nor hate it, but I could definitely appreciate this; FYI as Icy Bar is famous for the durian pancake (though I think the mango is better cause well, I like mango more), the entire resto smells like durian so be prepared.

#P5 Tiramisu plant pudding - 2+

J's comment > YUM!!! lots of cream and whip, exactly the way I like my desserts; not too sweet; tiramisu flavors spot on, lots of coffee; FYI, others at my table didn't like it for the same reason though, that it was too creamy

#F1 Crystal Tapioca Cake w redbean / greenbean - 2

J's comment > decent mochi sticky texture; could have used a touch more red bean and a lot less green bean (the yellow ones); the green bean ones were also very crumbly, didn't hold up at all

#C13 Mango milkshake - 2+

J's comment > not bad; fresh mango used, very strong mango flavor; not too sweet nor too thick, just the right texture

#B17 Creamy green tea red bean - 2

J's comment > more creamy than green tea; funny, you can see both the green tea and the red bean, but neither offered much flavor

#A4 Honey Chrysanthemum tea - 1

J's comment > ick!! Dang this was bitter! We asked for less sweet, not no sweet; pearls & coconut jelly were passable


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