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Kaya Malay

December 9, 2014

Hainanese Chicken (quarter): Steamed boneless chilled chicken served w peanuts, ginger, chili, & garlic spicy sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; tender and fragrant, juicy, but I still think MamaLee's is better; would have liked more jus

Snapper Fillet Grilled in Banana Leaf: Snapper fillet w sambal chili sauce blended w lemongrass, chili, galangal, & shrimp paste - 2

J's comment > fish cooked well, not dry, but could have used less batter; flavors OK, a touch salty but not spicy

Sambal Chili Trio: Stir-fried okra, eggplant, and green bean w shrimp & tomato in dried shrimp belacan paste - 2

J's comment > good flavors; eggplant cooked right - very soft; beans were tender; shrimp your avg pre-frozen stuff though

Rendang Beef: Tender beef stewed in spiced coconut milk gravy - 2

J's comment > beef indeed very tender as suggested, generous amt; gravy flavorful but like the fish above, a touch dry

Chicken Curry: Boneless chicken breast in creamy coconut curry & lemongrass - 2

J's comment > curry very tasty, but woefully not enough; chicken passable, but sadly dry, probably cause it was white meat

Appetizer sampler for 2 - 2
(in descending order of preference)

Roti Canai: Handrolled layered flat bread w curry sauce
Chicken Satay: Charcoal grilled marinated skewer w a spicy peanut dip
Vegetarian Curry Samosas: Indian pastry filled w seasoned mixed vegetable in mild curry sauce, served w homemade spicy sauce
Nyonya Fried Spicy Calamari: Crispy fried marinated squid in curry spice

J's comment > roti canai flaky and slightly chewy as it should be, not too greasy, good for dipping curry, but doesn't soak up the curry easily; chicken on this platter much better than the one above, probably cause the ones on the skewer were dark meat; samosa had a good crisp w decent filling; calamari batter OK, slightly crisp, but the calamari itself was kinda bland; the relative sauces provided were well paired w the appetizer items

Banana Leaf Coconut Rice: Banana leaf wrapped rice cooked w coconut milk - 2

J's comment > strong notes of coconut milk in the rice, but rice was a touch dry

Kuih Dadar: Handrolled crepes flavored w pandan juice, filled w grated coconut steeped in Malaysian palm sugar - 2

J's comment > crepe the right texture, not too soft nor hard; good balance of coconut filling to the crepe; decent flavor of pandan shining through; would have liked more of the sauce to dip the crepe in though

Organic Warm Mango Durian Puff: Mango & durian baked in puff pastry served w ice cream - 2

J's comment > puff pastry flaky and light; tad too much filling to pastry ratio though; filling was more durian than mango, actually I didn't taste mango at all

Organic Rice Pudding: Organic five grain rice sweet pudding served w coconut milk & plum sugar & fresh mango - 2

J's comment > looked and tasted like one kind of rice - wild rice, not that I mind, I like wild rice, but the menu said 'five grain rice' which suggests 5 diff types of rice...; anyways, your avg south-east Asian rice pudding, rice a touch dry, just like the coconut rice above; mango not ripe


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