Friday, December 05, 2014

Los Amigos Taqueria

December 5, 2014

Tortilla soup / Pozole - 2

J's comment > not bad; a hint spicy, but very flavorful; strong maize flavor which I liked, that definitely set this soup apart from others that I've had in the past; loved the fact that the crispy tortilla chips didn't turn soggy until I was 3/4 of the way through; ripe avocados (you don't always get that); cheese was kinda strange, not entire sure what kind of cheese it was, but it looked like feta and didn't have a strong flavor; would have preferred a meltier kind of cheese

Taco Platter
(in descending order of preference)

Pescado: Grilled fish topped w pico de gallo & creamy chipotle sauce - 2

Tinga: Shredded chicken in chipotle sauce & chorizo topped w sour cream & cheese - 2

Carne: Braised beef topped w pickled onion & salsa - 2

Pastor: Marinated chicken in achiote sauce topped w pineapple, onion & cilantro - 1

J's comment > the fish taco was surprisingly good; the fish wasn't fishy at all and rather moist; there was no batter on it either, very different from Tacofino's fried fish taco, which I still remember fondly; Tinga was OK, chicken a smidgen dry but the sour cream and cheese kind of made up for it;

Now notice that the Carne and Pastor are at the bottom of the list? Of course I had to get these to compare to the undefeated La Taqueria... and boy were these a disappointment. Carne was barely passable, the meat (whilst just as generous in quantity as La Taqueria's), was simultaneously dry-ish and wet, and borderline bland. The Pastor on the other hand didn't have pork as La Taqueria's does, but nonetheless the chicken was slightly mushy although I don't think it was because it went bad, but rather it was something in the preparation that just made it mushy.


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