Wednesday, December 17, 2014


December 17, 2014

Slow braised veal cheek pappardelle, parmigiano, natural jus - 2+

J's comment >  just as wonderful as last visit's! insanely tender veal cheek, not too fatty and wasn't heavy either after polishing off the whole dish; pasta cooked well; just as before though, would have liked a tad more cheese & jus

Grilled octopus, chorizo, parsley, garlic, tzatziki - 2+

J's comment > very tender and flavorful octopus, not chewy or tough at all; equally yummy chorizo; loved the equally sized pieces of both proteins

BC Sablefish, farmer's vegetables, spaetzle, soy marinate - 2+

J's comment > perfectly cooked sablefish; very flavorful although a smidgen salty; lovely spaetzle, slightly crisp and on the firm side, just the way I like it; foam was an interesting touch, but due to the saltiness of the fish, it was slightly tough to discern the foam flavor

Mushroom bisque w truffle oil - 2

J's comment > not too creamy, but definitely strong mushroom flavor; needs more cream or oil; very hard and crisp croutons, really perfect for dunking in the soup

Linguine alle vongole, clams, garlic, parsley, chili oil, sauvignon blanc - 2

J's comment > pasta well cooked, but like the pappardelle, needs more sauce; clams fresh

Tiramisu - 2

J's comment > meh.... desserts' not Moma's specialty (other than the apple pie we tried last time); this was more like a mousse, and had to be the driest tiramisu I've ever had; needs a lot more liqueur; maracon was hard as a rock and had none of the fluffiness I like in macarons

Coconut panna cotta w mango compote - 2

J's comment > more coconut pudding than panna cotta; in fact, it reminded me strongly of the coconut chinese dessert some chinese restaurants give out at the end of the meal (eg Bamboo Grove); definitely not mango season, hence the mango compote was slightly tart and sour


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Shame that most of the dishes mentioned aren't offered anymore, as MoMa likes to rotate its menu (but yay to creativity) :D

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