Thursday, December 04, 2014

PHAT @ Royal Centre

December 4, 2014

Poutine - 2

Beef Dip on a Baguette w Horseradish Mayo & Au Jus - 2

J's comment > poutine was not bad; fries on the soft side but still good; gravy tad salty though; could have used a touch more cheese curds; I'd just stick w the regular fries

bun soft; beef very tender but not much beef flavor; jus OK but could have gone either with or without

FYI, pHat has daily specials, Thursdays are beef dip days (free fries for extra for poutine)

Belgian Waffles with Fresh Fruit - 2

J's comment > good, but not as impressive as last visit's; these waffles were just generally soft all around, none of the lovely crisp I crave; BTW if you need more syrup or whip cream, just ask

Latkes: Shredded potato pancakes w sour cream & apple sauce (skinny) - 2

Nutella poppers - 2

J's comment > as w the waffles above, the latkes this time around were just not quite there; still very crisp shells w soft centers, but the ratio of crisp to soft was a bit skewed in favor of the shell;

Nutella poppers were exactly that; slightly doughy & firm balls encasing a shot of Nutella


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Extra Comment
FYI, PHAT is right across from Starbucks, on the level above the food court.

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