Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Roland's on Fourth

December 10, 2014

Roland’s Gourmet Poutine: Braised beef, home-cut fries, true Quebec cheese curds, red wine demi glaze - 2

Roland's Grill Cheese: Aged cheddar, brie, fresh basil, orange marmalade, on sourdough - 2

J's comment > poutine was OK, sadly not as fab as last visit's; the jus wasn't quite the same; fries the same though, semi-firm/soft texture; beef tender and tasty; cheese curds not as chunky and generous as before

grill cheese sandwich had potential; gooey cheese w the promised orange marmalade but the brie was very 'supermarket-y' and not only failed to impress, but dragged down the overall impression of the sandwich

ShowBiz Burger: In-house made 8oz beef patty, jalapeƱo bottle caps, crispy prosciutto, mac n’ cheese patty, aged cheddar, onion tanglers, roasted garlic aioli on a fresh baked bun, deep fried pickle - 2

Yam fries - 2

J's comment > patty was lean as before, but not as flavorful; mac and cheese held up just as well as last visit's and as before, needs more cheese; the little additions that made this burger magic last time also lost their glitter: prosciutto firm, not crisp and the jalapenor caps were not spicy at all; a passable burger, but not the same burger

yam fries passable too, soft yet lightly crisp all around; a touch too skinny for my preference though

Indian Spiced Chicken Pizza: Red pepper, mozzarella, garlic cream, almonds, cilantro - 2

J's comment > decent amt of chicken; flavors OK but needs a lot more cheese; dough kinda like flatbread, not quite pizza dough

Grilled Caesar: Lightly grilled romaine hearts, in house made bacon bits, dressing & sourdough croutons, asiago cheese - 2

J's comment > didn't get the grill flavor at all as expected from the one I tried @ Stocking Frame in LA, so in essence it was just your avg caesar but presented differently

Chicken Tenders: Lightly breaded chicken breast fillets - 2

J's comment > avg chicken tenders, not too firm/soft but nothing worth mentioning

Moochie Banana: Chocolate banana fritter, raspberry puree, candied pecans, drizzled w caramel & chocolate sauce served w vanilla bean & coconut gelato - 2

J's comment > wrapper too thick and firm for the soft banana inside


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