Thursday, December 11, 2014


December 11, 2014

Shrimp & Avocado Side Salad: Avocado w seeds, Oceanwise shrimp, herbs, black pepper, on romaine lettuce served w house made glory dressing - 2

J's comment > decent salad, much better than your avg 'house greens'; shrimp obviously the defrosted kind but passable; avocado ripe but could be riper still; dressing a good pairing w the salad ingredients

Butterless Chicken: Rossdown Farms natural chicken simmered in a rich luscious butter chicken sauce, made w almond served over SMAK rice, topped w south asian slaw. - 2

J's comment > sauce on the watery side; most definitely not your usual Indian butter chicken curry as expected; rice nutty as preferred

Mango Lassi: Banana, Greek-style yogurt, mango puree, rose water, fresh mint, mango & fresh berry pieces, blended w apple juice - 2

J's comment > a smidgen sour; didn't get the rose water at all; more banana than mango unfortunately, although you do taste a bit of the mango


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Extra Comment
Smak has a points card (if you forget your card like me, they can pull it up by your name too! :D), and you can pre-order online for pick up.

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