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December 8, 2014

Crispy pork schnitzel, spiced beer mustard - 2+

J's comment > Finally found the best schnitzel ever! And boy have I tried (search 'schnitzel' in the search box on the right); the other one that's comparable w more meat but just a tad less crisp would be Das Schnitzel Haus @ the Vancouver Christmas Market; both good, but slightly different;

anyhoos, this particular schnitzel was sooo thin and oh-so-crisp! This is exactly what I envision when I'm told I'm getting a thin (keyword here is 'thin') piece of meat that's then breaded and deep fried; yes, personally I would prefer a bit more meat (huge tonkatsu fan here), but technically, I think Wildebeest's schnitzel is a dream come true

Bonus points for being $5 only on the Happy Hour menu!

Bison carpaccio, black olive & soy vinaigrette, crispy burdock, arugula - 2+

J's comment > excellent width of carpaccio - I prefer my carpaccio just a smidgen thicker than see through as otherwise it tears too easily; not gamey at all, yet you can totally taste the bison flavor; the salad and burdock both work really well with the carpaccio, you can roll up the topping in each slice of carpaccio since it's not too thin; texture not chewy at all either; well done

Hay-aged; smoked quail, honey, salt & pepper - 2+

J's comment > loved the aroma of the hay; smoked quail's was cooked 'medium' as noted by our server although it felt a bit raw (that was how it was supposed to be we were informed); this is apparently Wildebeest's take on chicken wings (I can totally see this); lovely crisp skin, delightful with the honey

Sous-vide steelhead trout, North Arm Farm beets, compressed apple, bergamot, honey - 2

J's comment > not bad; trout cooked well, texture tender; sadly, flavor not as strong as it could be, although maybe that's where the accompaniments are supposed to come in- an OK pairing, but I'd  prefer a strong flavor on the trout itself; trout to trout, I think Cibo takes this

Fresh 'chorizo' sausage, Sidestripe prawns, white beans, romesco sauce, fresh herbs - 2

J's comment > interesting presentation on the chorizo; not spicy, texture really reminiscent of your avg chorizo; prawns fresh and delish; beans OK

Wildebeest 'Cheesecake', quince sorbet, crumble - 2+

J's comment > Thank goodness! This is exactly the same as last visit's! Same comments as last time. :D

"a really tasty treat. The 'cheesecake' (trust me, the quotation marks are totally appropriate), is actually whipped foam, and has a bubbly-melt-in-your-mouth feel. Like an Aero bubble bar, but of course much much MUCH better. The quince sorbet had a creamy consistency that was closer to a dense gelato. A most unusual dessert."

Anjou pear, dark chocolate honeycomb, chocolate sorbet - 2+

J's comment > divine chocolate sorbet! Just a trace amt of the chocolate-y bitterness but paired wonderfully with the pear and sweet honeycomb (I admit to being a sucker for honeycomb); a glass of port with this dessert would be, what's the word? Ambrosia. :D

Main Street "Westminster" Brown Ale - 2

J's comment > not bad; easy to drink; slightly hoppy

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