Saturday, January 31, 2015

49th Parallel on 4th

January 31, 2015

Matcha Bismark - 2

J's comment > decent amt of matcha cream filling & matcha flavor; donut kinda doughy though (as are the rest below)

Tiramisu Bismark - 2

J's comment > more like a boston cream pie filling than anything 'tiramisu-ish' about this; same doughy texture as the matcha above

Memphis Hash - 2

J's comment > decent amt of pb filling and chocolate and banana flavors, but donut sadly too doughy

Apple Bacon Fritter: Apple and bacon, topped with a maple glaze and even more bacon - 2

J's comment > more doughy than the others above; trace apple flavor; decent amt of bacon, but needs a lot more bacon and maple

#02 "THE NANAIMO BAR": A 72% dark chocolate paired w butter icing sweetened milk and topped with a coconut whipped cream, served w a doughnut-shaped financier - 2

J's comment > texture kind of powdery, didn't get the sweetened milk at all; trace coconut; financier avg; 
Available until Feb 14

#03 "THE LUMBERJACK": Spicy dark hot chocolate, served w maple marshmallow and chocolate covered wafer logs - 1

J's comment > very spicy and strangely sour (?!); didn't get the maple flavor at all from the marshmallow; egg roll (the log) was slightly gummy; 
Available until Feb 14


Lucky's Donut case

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