Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bump n Grind Cafe

January 20, 2015

Thanks to Miranda for the media invite and to Cheryl (co-owner) and Johna (pastry chef) for the yummy samples and explaining their food wares. Re the coffee, Cheryl selects the coffee that Bump N Grind sells and each week she rotates one select bean for all their coffees. Pastry-wise there weren't any gluten-free or something-or-the-other-free options at the event, but I was advised Bump N Grind will offer some on their regular menu, please ask.

Anyhoos, without further ado, my thoughts on the goodies:

(clockwise from top left)

Apple cinnamon muffin - 2

Mookie - 2

Peanut butter cup - 2+

Lemon ricotta muffin - 2

Cardamom biscotti - 2

J's comment > muffins were OK, not too dry, better than supermarket stuff, then again, I've never quite liked muffins as much as cupcakes; mookie was surprisingly really a muffin/cookie combo as described, not as hard as I imagined it to be; both muffins and mookie were actually much softer and almost fluffy than I would expect of 'just' a muffin; good job on the house-made biscotti, firm and hard as it should be, held up very well when dipped in the coffee, didn't melt into a soggy mess but actually softened; I didn't get the cardamom at all though, underneath the strong coffee flavors;

the pb cup deserves it's own paragraph as it was fricking awesome!! excellent balance of pb and chocolate flavor, crispy and chewy (think granola bar, but 10 times better); a smidgen too sweet but really fab; one of Bump N Grind's signature desserts/pastries (the other is the mookie, but I would rather have another pb cup)

Treats from the take-home goodie bag
(clockwise from top right)

Earl grey shortbread - 2

Peanut butter cup - 2+

Mookie - 2

Matcha green tea brownie - 2

J's comment > shortbread OK, buttery enough giving it the classic shortbread texture, but the earl grey needs to be stronger for more flavor; brownie was very soft, technically OK, but like the shortbread needs stronger chocolate and green tea flavors

Peanut butter cups - 2+

Gingerbread cookie - 2

J's comment > yup, the fourth pb cup was still as awesome as the first! cookie was definitely firm, almost too hard, but the gingerbread flavor shone through

The coffees sampled (♥ to Emily for whipping these up)
Almond chocolate gibraltar - 2

J's comment > the coffee bean du jour was a slightly acdic bean, hence not my fav kind of coffee; coffee was smooth however

Cortado - 2

J's comment > same bean, slightly different preparation, this wasn't as acidic as the gibraltar above but I think the coffee cup cardboard-iness kinda tainted the coffee a bit as I tasted quite a bit of cardboard later on in the hour

Chai latte - 2

J's comment > chai flavor present but not too strong; more milk than tea for sure; FYI, each drink is actually poured freehand, meaning you can ask for more spice, less sweet, or whatever combination you'd like, but please advise ahead of time

Duetto: Macchiato & maple whisky - 2

J's comment > not convinced that these worked together seamlessly but separately they were OK; again, the acidity of the bean du jour just wasn't up my alley


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From Bump & Grind's Jan 2015 press release:
BUMP N GRIND CAFÉ was founded in 2006 on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Since owning the cafe from 2011, Cheryl and Kyle Wright have turned it into one of Vancouver’s top 10 best cafes (Vancouver Sun, 2013). Prior to owning the business, in 2010 Cheryl Wright competed in the National Canadian Barista Championship and placed 5th overall. The second location on South Granville officially opened its doors on December 18, 2014. 

BUMP N GRIND is a multi-roaster cafe, where the Wrights search tirelessly to bring in the best handcrafted coffee beans roasted from across Canada, including Fernwood Coffee from Victoria, BC to Phil & Sebastian Coffee from Calgary, Alberta. “We rotate our coffees on a weekly basis so you get to try something new and fresh each time you visit,” says Cheryl Wright.

The new South Granville location features a minimalist design with wood accents designed by Dallas Matson of Tetherstone Construction. Treated shiplap wood dresses the walls, dramatic reclaimed fir beams lighting fixtures suspend from the ceiling, while polished ash and walnut top off for the tabletops and the customized shelving display that spells out the café’s name.

In an effort to maintain exceptional quality, BUMP N GRIND offers alternative brewing methods, such as Pour-over coffee, Aeropress, and French press coffee. The cafe is also known for its in-house creations from its dietary-friendly sauces (vegan chocolate sauce, Madagascar vanilla bean reduction used in espresso drinks) to delectable baked goods (Earl Grey shortbread and the famous Mookie). By offering quality products over mass-market ones, BUMP N GRIND ensures a unique handcrafted coffee experience in every single cup.

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