Thursday, January 08, 2015

Catch 122

January 8, 2015

Corn bread loaf, whipped truffle butter - 2+

J's comment > butter so yummy!!! corn bread a touch hard but still better than the other corn breads offered around town

Chicharr├│ns: Crispy pork rinds - 2+

J's comment > insanely crisp, crunchy and airy all at once! only caveat is you have to eat this in the restaurant and can't leave it for too long or else it will get soggy and chewy

Whipped lemon ricotta w grilled bread, olive oil, aged balsamic - 2

J's comment > not bad; excellent texture on the bread, slightly firm yet spongy; ricotta delicately flavored, no match for the butter above, but a suitable healthy substitute

Smoked beef brisket, beet relish, cornbread, mustard pearl - 2

J's comment > beef brisket not too smoky, very tender and not dry at all; didn't work on the cornbread though, the corn bread was a touch too dense

Hot smoked salmon w chives cream fraîche, lavash crackers - 2

J's comment > smoked salmon wasn't 'hot' as described, but still a decent lukewarm temp smoked salmon; lavash cracker (AKA hardened pita) was exactly that - hard and brittle, no match for the other carbs served above

Housemade peanut butter & jam macaron - 2+

Housemade coconut and cherry chocolate - 2

J's comment > excellent macaron - good balance of both the pb & j that were most definitely present, generous amt of filling, and very little to no air under the shell (just the way I like it, although technically there should be some air between); chocolate not bad, it also actually showcased both the coconut and cherry, very good


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FYI, Happy Hour daily 4 - 6pm

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