Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chocolate Arts

January 31, 2015

#15 "WAS' UP?": Made w Cacao Barry Ocoa chocolate and infused w wasabi, served w a sesame seed florentine - 2

J's comment > decent hot chocolate but absolutely no trace of wasabi; the real star was the sesame florentine which was firm w strong sesame flavors; 
Available until Feb 14

#16 "ALLURING SIMPLE": Made w Chocolate Arts' proprietary chocolate blend, Allure (a 71.1% blend of Mexican, Dominican and Peruvian beans), served w a chocolate marshmallow and shorties", chocolate-coated shortbread cubes - 2

J's comment > an avg hot chocolate, nothing special; a shame that this didn't measure up to the other creations made w the Allure blend from the Sep 20 event
Available until Feb 14

#14 "PUT DE LIME IN DE COCONUT" REDUX: A kalamansi lime hot chocolate, served w housemade coconut ice cream and a coconut financier - 1

J's comment > really sour, and w the hot chocolate mixed in w the ice cream, it turned (as expected) into lukewarm drinking chocolate; 
Available until Feb 14


Chocolate display

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