Monday, January 26, 2015

Cibo Trattoria

January 26, 2015

Fresh Tagliatelle w veal & pork bolognese, parsley, parmesan - 2

J's comment > not bad; perfectly cooked pasta, a touch on the al dente side; good flavors, but needs more bolognese personally; a meltier kind of cheese would have been better for texture purposes but the parmesan was good

Roasted local cod w rapini, garlic, chili, ramp butter - 2

J's comment > cod well cooked, but the pairing w the chili didn't work; the chili completely overwhelmed the delicate nature of the fish; dish too basic, nothing original

Fresh ravioli of roasted squash & ricotta, marjoram, parmesan, amaretti - 2

J's comment > à cause de la marjolaine (marjoram), it was a touch floral, reminding me of soap; pasta hard al dente; squash and ricotta filling OK

Complimentary focaccia - 2

J's comment > focaccia texture slightly bouncy, touch dense; needs butter though

Panna cotta w amaretti, brandy - 2

J's comment > not bad; very good panna cotta, fluffy and mousse-like, rich but not heavy; excellent flavor, but needs more brandy to cut through the richness

Pecorino, honey & hay, w honeycomb, sourdough crisps - 2
J's comment > cheese OK, but the hay reminded me of manure... I just couldn't do it; sourdough crisps hard as rocks; honeycomb OK, your avg honeycomb

#56 - "THE BLACK WIDOW": Uva's HC-inspired cocktail: reposado tequila influenced with cacao beans and coffee, Cherry Heering liquer, Amaro averna, Bittered Sling plum and rootbeer bitters - 2

J's comment > not bad; a gentle, modest cocktail, with definite cacao flavors; this is as 'hot chocolate' of a cocktail as cocktails can get without being obvious;  this was supposed to be served w Zeppoli (Italian donuts) as part of the Hot Chocolate festival but we forgot to mention that to the server and it didn't come with; Available year round (though probably without the donuts)


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