Thursday, January 08, 2015

Delicious Pho

January 8, 2015

#58 Combination vermicelli bowl: Grilled pork, grilled pork pattie & spring roll - 2

J's comment > vermicelli decent, generous amts of meat which were all passable, albeit not best ever; spring roll nicely crisped but I still prefer the actual vietnamese style spring roll like this one @ Viet Sub

#61 Grilled lemongrass chicken & pork chop - 2

J's comment > really stingy w the meats in proportion to well, the plate and everything else on it; meats avg too

#69 Sizzling shaken beef sauteed w onions & bell peppers - 2

J's comment > just like above, really small portion of beef (trust me, I angled the shot so that it didn't look so pathetic); beef really chewy and tough too, but the sauce (what little there was) was pretty tasty - tasty enough to encourage me to polish off the bell peppers

#20 Egg noodle in seafood soup w prawns, squid, crab meat & fish balls (large) - 2

J's comment > decent soup, but the 'egg noodles' were actually wonton noodles

#S1 Pork & Vietnamese ham sub - 2

J's comment > bun hard, not even close to good soft bun I had last time - major points docked for inconsistency; adequate amt of pork and ham (hidden behind the veggies you see), but despite that, their flavor could be stronger; FYI, we got to this item 10 mins after it had been brought to our table


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7% off during lunch time for those who work in the area! Just let your server know before you order :D Oh, and if you are eating in and there's a line, make sure to put your name down on the board beside the door yourself; the servers check this board to seat guests in order or arrival. Loners, if you're eating on your own, you might get paired with another 'for one' during peak times.

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