Thursday, January 22, 2015


January 22, 2015

Pasteles: Crisp fried maize pocket stuffed w beef, cheese & diced vegetables - 2

Pupusa Platter: Hand made tortilla w pork, vegetables, cheese, loroco (a vine flower bud from Central America) and savory refried black beans - 2

Yuca Frita: Thick cut deep fried cassava root - 2

J's comment > sadly no longer as addictive as it once was... each order was still made to order, but there was just a certain something that was missing... still very good, as far as pupusas go but not the same level of quality; pasteles was actually a bit better, as it was slightly crisp (I'm a sucker for crispy items) on the exterior w a generous amt of stuffing; yuca fries were a touch dense, not the crisp fries w fluffy center that I have been used to w Guanaco's previous versions


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