Friday, January 23, 2015

JJ's Trucketeria

January 23, 2015

Garlic fried rice big plate: Filipino BBQ pork, garlic fried rice, fried egg and JJ's dipping vinegar - 2+

J's comment > Yumm!!! Really tasty meat and very generous too. First try back in 2013 was excellent w an excellent balance of fat and lean meat, 2014 turned out just lean meat, so today I asked specifically for the fat and lean meat combo and was provided same as requested. :D Thanks JJ! The fat really makes a difference, otherwise it's just dry and chewy; from what JJ implied though, I think the average clientele prefers all lean meat so JJ has already 'leaned up' all the meat before cooking. He had to really search for my request. Egg was fried perfectly; good flavor on the fried rice, but could be a touch more seared; dipping vinegar a nice touch, but unnecessary


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