Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keg Steakhouse on Alberni

January 21, 2015

Prime Rib: Aged, rubbed w house made blend of spices and slow roased, hand-carved & served w horseradish & red wine herb jus (14oz), served w twice baked potato - 3

J's comment > wow! the Keg's prime rib has always been good, but it was SUPER tasty today; I asked for an got tons of gristle which was excellent, tender and juicy; beef very flavorful despite not being to 'herby'; just was OK, flavor could be stronger and more viscous; twice baked potato had the perfect pairing of bacon, sour cream and mashed potato

Filet Mignon: Tenderloin wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and serve w Bearnaise (10oz) served w asparagus and beans - 3

J's comment > extremely tender filet mignon w decent grill notes; very well done, perfectly rare through the thick cut but not raw in the least; nice touch of the bacon, but more decorative than any actual bacon flavor through the meat; Bearnaise sauce OK, but not essential to the filet mignon; best filet mignon I've ever had!

Complimentary sourdough & 'butter' - 2

J's comment > sourdough slightly tough and a bit chewy; I asked for real butter and got same, but they were sadly not too salted; FYI, the 'regular' 'butter' that the Keg serves is piped, being actually only 5% real butter and the rest is a mix of margarine and soy something or the other


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