Saturday, January 10, 2015

La Petite Cuillere

January 10, 2015

Afternoon tea - 1

J's comment > this is a huge fall from the 2+ I gave in 2013; really terrible

Lemon cake - 2

Chocolate Raspberry cake - 1

Pistachio macaron - 1

J's comment > lemon cake, as with everything else I soon find, was firm and stiff, but at least to a lesser degree than everything else, frosting was OK; chocolate cake was hard as a rock, I didn't finish this; macaron tasted like fridge and was semi-stale, another item I didn't finish

Banana bread - 1

Scone - 1

J's comment > firm and hard for both items; scone not even served warm; banana bread not fragrant at all and dry!

Chicken panini - 2

Tuna tart - 2

Baguette slice w salami & cheese - 1

J's comment > chicken was tender in the panini, but needed more chicken to panini ratio; tuna tart was just a glob of chunky tuna on a firm tart crust, hardly dainty or exciting; baguette was stale and just plain lazy in presentation and well, boring

Earl Grey Cream - 2

J's comment > strong earl grey flavor, but nothing unusual

Darjeeling Estate - 2

J's comment > wouldn't have tasted the diff if I had been served Orange Pekoe

Ceylon Kenilworth - 2

J's comment > not the same... seriously, it's as if the quality just took a nose dive...


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Mar 9, 2013

Extra Note
I take back everything I said about LPC... what a horrid afternoon tea set.

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