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Lily Mae's

January 23, 2015

French Onion Soup: Provencal-style soup - 2

J's comment > absolutely fab French onion soup, really it's a 2+; excellent thick layer of cheese w the right amt of bread and soup underneath; sadly though, the second and third orders were just miserable, hence I have no confidence in ordering this item ever again (full story of the french onion soup saga below)

Beef Tartar: AAA Canadian beef, fries, and greens - 2

J's comment > not bad; fries really tasty, crisp yet soft in the center, my fav type of fries; beef tartar tender yet not smelly, but then again not much beef flavor either

Beet and Orange Salad: Beets, orange, pistachios and red wine vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > exactly as described, sliced beets and oranges

Escargot: Classic snails w garlic butter - 2

J's comment > absolutely no escargot flavor, this was just for the texture; butter needed more garlic

Coquilles St. Jacques: Pan seared scallops, mushroom cream sauce, asparagus and choice of polenta - 2

J's comment > scallops seared OK, dish was served at room temp though, everything needed to be a lot hotter

Lamb Shank w creamy polenta, glazed carrots, gremolata (lemon zest, garlic and parsley) and lamb jus - 2

J's comment > lamb not too gamey, tender, but needs more flavor overall

Coq au Vin: Braised chicken, bacon, onion, mushroom and pea sauté on house made pasta - 2

J's comment > chicken actually didn't taste like chicken, kinda just 'some meat'; flavor was slightly smoked; pasta passable

Steak & Frites: Steak w house peppercorn sauce and fries - 2

J's comment > well charred flavor on the steak but was more medium than medium rare as requested

Daily special: Cod w white asparagus & gnocchi - 2

J's comment > cod overcooked but passable; sauce wasn't too heavy, but did nothing to help the fish; gnocchi passable, soft but nothing else

Braised Rabbit with tomato, olive, mushrooms, asparagus sauté, and gnocchi - 2

J's comment > dark meat tender but the breast part was just dry and hard; flavors OK, passable but again, as w the other dishes above, not spectacular

Complimentary grilled bread - 2

J's comment > strong charred / burnt flavor but texture was soft; butter tasted slightly like fridge

French Onion Soup (round 2) - 1

J's comment > so since the first onion soup was so good, we decided to order another one; as you can see, this one looked nothing like the one we first got, ie where's the cheese? Kid you not, there was hardly any soup either, all having been soaked up by the bread; we sent this back and asked for a third

French Onion Soup (round 3) - 1

J's comment > as if the second one wasn't bad enough, this third one just looked disgusting, on top of which, the cheese was still missing; bread was still available in ample form though! We got both of these soups taken off our bill


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Extra Comment
Dinner started out OK, but then quickly deteriorated into a 3 hr dinner... for 2 courses + serving a cake we brought... It was a busy night, but still, much too long for dinner. And as noted above, most dishes (other than the first soup) were served at room temp.

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