Monday, January 05, 2015

Momo Sushi

January 5, 2015

Box B: Tempura, chicken teriyaki, sunomono nigiri sushi (3), california roll - 2

J's comment > tempura was decent, served piping hot and fresh; chicken teriyaki was also OK, crisp skin and juicy chicken; california roll was (as you can see) more fake crab than avocado, your avg cali roll; nigiri rice were all too vinegary and the fishyness of the tuna was definitely called into question; as we skeptical 'sushi' joints like this, go for the cooked stuff

Accompaniments - 1

J's comment > miso soup was bland; rice had a slightly fishy smell to it


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Extra Comment
The place smells funky, and not just because it's located in an old building. There was a slight food rotting aroma, and a few fruit flies flying around. Due to time constraints, I didn't have an alternative to leaving, and was seriously anticipating food poisoning, but thankfully I got lucky and avoided a visit to the ER, but I'm definitely not chancing it again.

It's places like these that give real sushi a bad rep. For the real thing, go to the one and only Octopus Garden.

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