Saturday, January 10, 2015

Octopus Garden

January 10, 2015

Foie Gras (Quebec foie gras & mango) - 2+

J's comment > very rich and creamy! the one item throughout the whole night that was really memorable

Tamago nigiri - 2

Waru (butterfish) - 2

J's comment > tamago served cold! WTF... it has always been served warm in the past! This was definitely the defining moment of the night when I realized this was not going to be the same quality as previous visits; waru still good, still worth trying out again, but lacked the extra 'oomph'

Shiitake mushroom tempura nigiri - 2

Anago (sea eel) nigiri - 2

J's comment > crisp batter on the shiitake and slightly juicy and moist but not the same level as last visit's; anago dry...

Chirashi sushi - 2

J's comment > fish fresh but slightly warmer than expected, cutting technique also slightly off'; passable, but nowhere near the OMG moment from last May

Spicy Tuna Z: Spicy tuna, tempura bits, mayo & avocado on top - 2

J's comment > slightly spicy, but spice didn't enhance the freshness as it did last time; touch too much rice to fish

Dobin mushi - 2

J's comment > lacked a certain je ne sais quoi... still a light mushroom soup, but very avg

Kagoshima wagyu nigiri - 2

J's comment > beef tender but slightly chewy and definitely overcooked; definitely the worst version of the wagyu we've ever had :(

Jumbo chicken wings - 2

J's comment > slightly salty and overcooked; could be a lot juicier

Saba Battera - 2

J's comment > smelled fishy but didn't taste fishy at all; aburied à la table (regardez la vidéo au-dessous)

Gomaae - 2

J's comment > your avg gomaae, tender boiled spinach

Daily Dessert: Pavlova - 2

J's comment > crisp and light meringue w no egg-white flavor (exactly the way I prefer it); a decent meringue but nothing outstanding


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Extra Comment
When people ask me where to find the best sushi in YVR, I always say Octopus Garden. Depending on who I speak with, I usually get a confused look, followed by the phrase 'overpriced'. I'll be the first to admit that Octopus Garden is a bit spotty at times and the quality of the food isn't always consistent (such as tonight... definitely not Sada-san's best). But in the game of statistics (just check out how many times I've visited), Octopus Garden still delivers 8 out of 10 times really really good nigiris.


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