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Secret Location

January 16, 2015

Veal cheek - 3

J's comment > insanely tender and flavorful veal cheeks, the perfect marbling; mushrooms a lovely addition to the dish for additional texture

Sea cucumber - 3

J's comment > I've always been impartial to sea cucumber (and I've only had it the chinese style), but dang! This sea cucumber had me crave it like I've never craved a seafood item before, truly rivaling my love for lobster and crab; fricking-unbelievably good!

Corn ball and baby octopus - 2+

J's comment > the perfect consistency of a corn ball, light and fluffy yet generously stuffed; baby octopus was crisp w the lovely grill flavor seared through; green onion was truly the best grilled green onion that I've ever had (it sounds like overkill to describe it as such, but coming from a non-veggie eater who sees green onion as a decorative item, this was truly divine)

Foie on brioche - 2+

J's comment > an easy win, it's hard to not like foie (although it has been done before many times in my book), rich yet not heavy and flavors intense; good pairing w the brioche which was light as air! classic combo, but beautifully executed

Sablefish - 2+

J's comment > perfectly cooked sablefish (really, I wouldn't accept/expect anything less); flavors lightly tomato-flavored, would have liked a slightly more prominent, not necessarily bold, but more 'present' sauce

Pear and manchego cheese slices - 2

J's comment > not bad; very thinly and evenly sliced pears, matching the thinness of the manchego cheese slices; this really makes a difference in raising the bar of your 'simple' fruit and cheese pairing; it's all about balance! Oh, the drizzle was something saffron, which I still am not a fan of, hence the slight mark deduction, but otherwise, technically perfect

Pork tenderloin - 2

J's comment > lovely jus, pork cooked well, but this was a lean cut and you know me w lean meats... I like marbly cuts, hence the bias here.

Chorizo crisp in chorizo squash soup - 2

J's comment > very thin and crisp chorizo, most interesting texture; soup was slightly thick and moussy but w also strong notes of chorizo

Amuse bouche #2: Jamon serrano - 2

J's comment > well chosen, all lean with not stringy fat pieces, very tender and not chewy at all 

Amuse bouche #1: Gluten free tomato bread - 2

J's comment > decent bread, by far the best gluten-free kind I've had (although I do tend to generally avoid anything gluten-free), but would have loved some butter on this :P;

fun fact, when talking with Chef Alvarez, he advised that the product for this bread was from Chef Salimian, but the recipe is his; Chef Alvarez told us that he and Chef Salimian are good friends and will be 

Churro w chocolate - 2

J's comment > churro slightly doughy, not even the copious amt of molten chocolate could save it unfortunately :(

Poached pear w saffron crust - 2

J's comment > not a fan of saffron nor fruits as dessert in general hence this is definitely not going to rank high w me; the saffron crust was indeed crisp though, which was fun

Palate cleanser - 2

J's comment > very chalky, not sure what the pink bits were, but it was too much

Riondo Prosecco - 3

J's comment > best prosecco I've had to date; perfect balance of bubbly and not too sweet; reminiscent of the Indigo Wind (a sparkling sake actually)

White wine sangria - 2+

J's comment > best sangria I've ever had; excellent balance of fruits and wine

Bitter Sweet Symphony: Angostura & cherry bitters burnt into a brandy glass, w cinnamon ice and honey - 2

J's comment > not bad; not too bitter actually, delicate notes of honey

House made cocktail - 2

J's comment > an 'avg' cocktail, nothing memorable about this one

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Secret Location is running a 'Dining Journey' from January 5th to March 21st, showcasing/featuring Spain, Italy, France, Asia, Persia, and South America cuisines (each cuisine taking center stage for two weeks). 10 courses for $95 per person, including paired drinks. FYI, the last two drinks on this post were not included in the $95. More info @

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