Monday, January 12, 2015

Tacofino Burrito Bar

January 12, 2015

Fish Taco: Pacific cod, salsa fresca, chipotle mayo - 2+

J's comment > lovely crisp on the generous amt of fish, so much fish that the taco can't be wrapped around it; equally generous amt of salsa but would have like more mayo

Steak Taco: Grilled skirt steak, pickled chayote and pineapple - 2

J's comment > flavors good, steak tender, but would have liked more steak, esp in comparison to the fish taco above; very spicy too, which was not expected, as there was a boatload of jalapenos that were not advertised...

Crispy Chicken Taco: Pickled vegetables, epazote chimichurri, buttermilk chili crema - 2

J's comment > good fry on the chicken, crispy, but sadly oversalted; I'd like to comment on the other advertised complements, but all I tasted was salt

Lime curd Vaso w graham crumble, whip - 2

J's comment > not bad; exactly as advertised : lime curd w crumble and whip cream on top; kinda like a deconstructed key lime pie; personally I would like more crust as I like crispy stuff


Extra Comment
FYI, the entrance on Cordova is actually for takeout only. You have to go around the corner and enter through the Bloody Alley entrance (as stated on the website), even though it's one establishment that you can see through one end to the other.

The entrance from Cordova - do not enter if you plan to sit in and eat

More of a burrito menu

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