Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thomas Haas on Broadway

January 31, 2015

Double baked chocolate almond croissant - 2+

J's comment > super crisp and flavorful; not heavy at all, not too rich either, but very generous amt of chocolate and almonds; a close second is Chez Christophe's maple syrup version

German pork and sourdough sandwich - 2

J's comment > not bad; excellent balance of pork, sauerkraut and bread; very juicy, not salty at all, bread soft and spongy

Pain au chocolat - 2

J's comment > definitely better than your supermarket variety but needs a lot more chocolate; pastry flaky mostly only on the outside

Organix Quark Cheese Danish - 2

J's comment > not as flaky and crisp as last visit; ricotta filling still too light, could barely taste the cheese and actually center still too moist

Sour cherry turnover - 2

J's comment > not too sour but decent amt of cherry filling; turnover flaky throughout but ratio-wise, pastry too much to filling

#54 "THIS IS NUTS": Hot chocolate (55% cocoa) infused w caramelized hazelnut & almond butter, served w house “haaselnut”cream and financier sandwich - 2

J's comment > decent hot chocolate, nothing extraordinary but it does the trick; financier sandwich OK, kinda like a gourmet pound cake; 
Available until Feb 14

#53 "PEP ME UP": A 70% cocoa dark hot chocolate w fresh peppermint and a kick of chartreuse, served w a minty chocolate ganache bar - 1

J's comment > the chartreuse and peppermint just doesn't work; slightly bitter and minty... uh... no; everyone who shared this (all 7 of us) agreed this was nasty; chocolate ganache bar was good though; 
Available until Feb 14

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