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Chef Tony / 頤東大酒樓

February 9, 2015

#75 Yi Dong special egg white custard tarts - 2+

J's comment > very light yet surprisingly 'eggy' custard despite the lack of egg yolk, excellent texture, soft yet still held together upon biting into it; very flaky tart

#51 Meat and dried shrimp sticky rice dumplings (ham sui gok) - 2+

J's comment > lovely crisp on the exterior w a soft and mochi / sticky center; generous amt of filling

#18 Shrimp and matsutake dumplings (har gao) - 2

J's comment > not bad; strong truffle flavor (probably cause it was steamed w the truffle siu mai in the same batch) but this made it even better than 'avg' har gao; shrimp OK, fragrant, but skin very sticky and tore

#22 Black truffle, pork and shrimp dumplings (siu mai) - 2

J's comment > not bad; ironically, truffle flavor not as strong as in the har gao above; very juicy and flavorful filling

#74 Baked egg white and cream buns - 2

J's comment > not bad; lovely crisp on top; soft bun w excellent balance of bun and cream custard filling (usually it's too much bun to filling); egg white and cream filling not too sweet; kinda like an albino pineapple bun w filling

#52 Eggplant stuffed w fish paste in abalone sauce - 2

J's comment > tender eggplant and fish paste, not oily; didn't get the abalone sauce though

#86 Baked durian pastry - 2

J's comment > very fragrant durian scent, but pastry didn't actually have as strong of a durian flavor when I bit into it; very flaky crisp shell

#77 Baked assorted mushrooms pastry - 2

J's comment > another really good pastry crust (Chef Tony nails it on this count); decent amt of mushroom filling but actual mushroom flavor could be stronger; this was more like an amuse bouche at a western-style restaurant than at a dim sum joint though...

#56 Deep-fried fish flakes and radish ball - 2

J's comment > strong radish flavor but 
didn't get the fish flavor; loved the shredded radish texture which is essentially what this ball is composed of

#54 Flaky almond meat loaf sticks - 2

J's comment > very generous amt of almonds making this sticks very crisp; meat loaf not dry but would have liked a touch more meat loaf to almonds; we're talking 70% almonds and 30% everything else

#57 Deep fried crab sticks & dried scallops potato paste ball - 2

J's comment > AKA deep fried mash potato balls w diced fake crab centers; good crisp shell, mash potatoes OK, but the fake crab w the mayo in the center was just disappointing

#55 Shrimps, nori and pineapple spring roll - 2

J's comment > you avg crisp spring roll; decent amt of shrimp filling, but didn't get the pineapple or nori flavors at all

#83 Steamed sweet salty egg yolk, lotus seed & lily bulb paste bun - 2

J's comment > soft bun; more of a liquidy lotus seed paste than the liquidy egg yolk that Fraser Court serves; way too much bun to filling

#34 Steamed ferule mushroom, black fungus and chinese celery dumplings - 2

J's comment > dumpling skin OK, fillings avg

#25 Chicken feet in soy sauce - 2

J's comment > tender chicken feet but needs more sauce

#161 Stir fried Indian lettuce w bean sauce - 2

J's comment > avg chinese style veggies, passable but nothing spectacular; veggies were crisp and had a very slight tang

#30 Diced meat and garlic on thick noodles - 2

J's comment > noodles overcooked and melded into one big glob; needed more sauce and more meat

#128 Radish sticks soaked in spicy vinegar - 2

J's comment > avg pickled radishes you get for free at most Korean restaurants as a side dish to the entrees you order


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Extra Comment
An unusual aspect here is that the service (other than the hosts & hostesses at the door who were plain mean) was very pleasant! The servers actually came over when waved to, and don't walk away pretending they didn't see you. Rest assured that as usual, service and price do not affect my dish ratings. Never has and never will.

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