Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cibo Trattoria

February 12, 2015

Burrata w black truffle, housemade sourdough, sea salt (half portion) - 2

J's comment > not bad; very creamy burrata w hints of truffle (truffle flavor not strong); good texture of the bread, crisp yet dense and a touch nutty; very flavorful olive oil

Pappardelle w wild boar sausage, sunchokes, hazelnuts, parsley - 2

J's comment > as Cibo is now known for in my books, pasta was a touch too al dente as expected; sunchoke flavor very prominent; would have liked more cheese and sausage

Duck Breast w celery root, espresso, sunchokes, hazelnut vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > duck sadly overcooked and a touch chewy but juicy; good abundance of the hazelnuts and sunchokes, but didn't get the espresso at all; needs more duck

Complimentary focaccia - 1

J's comment > stale and hard crust w chewy center; excellent indication of the rest of the night

Housemade tiramisu - 1

J's comment > stale lady fingers; needs more liquor and espresso; creamy and light otherwise, but presentation as you can see was just depressing; did Cibo even try?!

Apple Cart - 2

J's comment > a light cocktail, not much bitters, slightly too sweet

Zero-Proof house made soda: Savoury, nutty, bubbly - 2

J's comment > so the hook is you pick three adjectives from the list provided (see below) to describe your flavor profile and the bartender will freestyle something for you; definitely nailed the bubbly, but the 'savoury' was apparently lavender (?) which I got, but wouldn't quite classify as savoury; didn't get the 'nutty' either...; overall though, a decent drink, not too sweet, very fizzy; Oh, and FYI, 'foamy' is w egg whites


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Extra Comment

We had a TravelZoo voucher for the food portion of this meal, which is still available as of today. Not sure if this was because of the TravelZoo or if this is the new norm @ Cibo, but our bill arrived with 15% tip added already.

We also asked the server if the chef had changed, but nope, same team. Not sure what's going on back there, but for their sake I hope things pick up again.

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